New White Paper on Social and Emotional Learning Research

After a decade of focusing primarily on testing, schools across North America are prioritizing Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Researchers like Angela Duckworth and Carol Dweck have shown that grit, growth mindset, goal-setting, and other internal qualities drive student achievement and student well being.

There are two things that confuse many people regarding Social and Emotional Learning. First, we use a wide variety of terms to basically get at the same thing: character development, values education, non-cognitive skill building, and Social and Emotional Learning. Second, most of us do not have time to review all the research on SEL.

Here is a white paper that was released by the Educational Research Institute of America. The white paper takes a look at the six most research-based SEL principles, helps break down the nomenclature, and concludes by showing how Mawi Learning develops those principles in our Leadership Skills Class.

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