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We offer two Super ELL courses. What’s the difference?

Super ELL

Super ELL is a broad social emotional course that helps ELL students develop confidence, cultural agility, and social success.

Super Student

Super Student focuses more specifically on key mindsets and skills for academic success and bridging to mainstream classes.

Super ELL Super Student
Core Leadership and SEL Training Throughout the entire course First two lessons establish Turbo and Can Do / Not Yet
Direct Training on Academic Success 15% of the course, main focus of course is on broad social emotional skills 75% of the course with repeated deep dive on Growth Mindset
Key Skills Cultural agility, goal-setting, building social network, time management, hitting Turbo Study skills, testing skills, Growth Mindset, organization, hitting Turbo

What students and teachers say about Super ELL


It teach ELL students like myself not to be felt left out but be bold and proud of who you are.


Super ELL gave my students training they had never received before in time management, goal setting, and cultural awareness. Super ELL provided a framework for the development of a growth mindset and fostered valuable sharing that took place in my room last year.

BY Sandra

I was embarrassed to speak English and to make mistakes but now I don't care because I learn with every mistake I do.

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